Sunday, April 30, 2006

How Much Does That Cur Make, Anyway?

I remember a funny time -- and this is a true story -- when I was back visiting my alma mater after having been free for several months. I was high on some poker winnings, or something, and I remembered how I'd always really wondered as a student what was the matter with the school's president. He was clearly a go-go business type, a totally unlikeable stuffed shirt with dollar signs in his eyes, who always talked a big game about making the school a high-powered cash-generating research institution but never seemed much interested in the occasionally illegal shenanigans of the College Republicans. Anyway, long story short, I was visiting Stephanie on campus and we were walking out of her work building to get lunch, and I started ranting about this guy for reasons that even now I couldn't really coherently offer. Once I picked up a full head of steam, I said something like "I don't mind if he knows everyone thinks he's a corporate whore" -- mind you, I was sort of riffing at this point, but the sentiment was real. Anyway, we were headed right out the door and this woman walked past us and juuuust as she strides by she says "Hello, Mr. [blank]." And that's when we both knew it: Mr. Blank was literally walking right behind me.

The funny thing is that I wasn't embarrassed. Maybe I should have been. But I guarantee he doesn't remember the incident, and that sort of makes my point for me. Criticism of his ham-handed business policies comes with the territory, that sort of thing. He doesn't care what the students believe.

Point being that you can now look up the salary of any university administrator or non-profit organization in the country. Just read the little story that goes with the link, because it makes the whole thing that much juicier.


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