Sunday, April 30, 2006

At Least It Helps You Forget About Politics

What could ever take your mind off the fact that the government is run by dissembling ferrets and throat-murdering bastard-men? How about figgering out your Star Wars name? Don't exercise yourself too much wondering how I found this -- trust me, it had nothing to do with searching for more information about Luke Skywalker or, God help us, Linkin Park.

By the way, for those who naturally wonder, I cannot reveal my Star Wars name because it would give too much away. If you are dying of curiosity, leave something in comments about how I can contact you and I will send it privately. It is the only way. Many Bothan spies will die bringing you this information. (And if you don't get the joke, boo on you. It's good on several levels.)


Anonymous mikeswanson said...

Swamic Oetuc!

Wow, as I was thinking it out, it didn't seem possible but I suppose if the last name is pronounced "Hueetuc," it could work. What am I saying, that's horrible!

1:56 AM  

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