Sunday, April 23, 2006

Daily Show Clip: "Cheney Shot a 78-Year-Old Man in The Face"

I don't normally head over to YouTube -- the web site that lets you watch pretty much anything that's ever been on television -- because it's easy to waste hours there, but I think we should all be thankful someone archived the Daily Show episode right after Cheney's hunting accident. Jon Stewart's impression of Cheney visiting the guy in the hospital is priceless.

Update: The reason I gave several hours ago for not heading over to YouTube -- the fear that it would suck me into its neon vortex and stop me from dressing or making breakfast or lunch -- has... come to pass. Luckily while I was there -- and I really am getting out of bed now -- I found this smashing clip, even better than the first. You really must watch it, because in it Bush explains how Osama became Saddam became the War on Terror without knowing the Daily Show set it to music.


Blogger nolo said...

Excellent clips. The Daily Show is one of the best reasons for having cable. That, and HBO. Oh, and the Sci Fi channel (sometimes).

1:20 PM  

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