Sunday, April 23, 2006

Maybe He Shouldn't Have Insulted the Captain's Attempts on the Fiddle

Apparently a man literally washed up between Norway and Sweden on a raft and refuses to answer any questions other than to say he is a "stateless American" and that he was -- get this -- thrown from a ship several days ago. You have to think there's a bad novel waiting to be written in here somewhere.


Blogger Michelle said...

Wow. I read about this. This is soooo freakily cool. You know it's pregant with Spielbergian intentions!!!

But, um... back to Tom and Katie.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Lapp said...

An outsider? What strange wizardry brings you through the mists of time to our tiny forest homeland? We will have a feast! Yes, and you must stay with us forever. You cannot go back, for there are wolves at every border crossing. You must stay here. Our language is very similar to English and you will not have trouble finding work as a watchmaker or seamstress. For your own safety, find a home here and do not go back. Do not tell the others where we live. They will cut down our trees and sell us to the hospitals as candy-stripers, for our disposition is cheerful and our countenance is fair.

Seriously, though, who are you and where did you come from? If things expand at this rate, I'll be in the news in about three hundred years.

8:53 PM  

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