Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Old Friends and Sharp Cheddar

I tracked down my old friend J.C. last night, and I don't mean the Lord. We spent a delightful evening at his friend's restaurant -- Sonoma, in Southeast (barely) -- where they serve you a wide array of lovingly hand-crafted cheeses as an appetizer, provided you order and pay for them. We also had a bottle of wine and both had to send back the gnocchi, which they didn't tell us was made in fish broth with roe. It tasted like scales. Sad.

As a side note, I should remind everyone to be careful what you wish for. Everyone where I come from wistfully chuckles about seeing "real seasons," but in my case "real seasons" turned into four inches of snow last night. So J.C. gets the last laugh.


Blogger charvakan said...

"Real seasons" are overrated. I could happily skip winter. That said, there is something about walking at night in the snow that is a little magical. Three times a year of that is fine. Shoveling the crap the next day I can do without.

8:35 PM  

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