Friday, December 02, 2005

Fantastic Update

The conference ended without much fanfare, although I did conduct several interviews in the presence of military minders and one without. The problem with getting anyone from the defense industry, even a scientist, to talk is that they're risk-averse and don't want to be quoted by name for fear of displeasing their overlords. I had to get lucky and stumble across key people who either a) liked me and were friendly or b) were so high up that they couldn't possibly say anything without attaching their name and title to their words. I did some of both. I wrote one story. It hasn't been edited yet.

On another note, I went to lunch with my two editors yesterday (Thursday) and was able to enjoy some fine Spanish food at Jaleo, a tapas bar in Crystal City. It was terribly cold on the way there, or so my editor said -- I didn't feel a thing, which was a real improvement over Tuesday night, which you can read all about above. I jokingly put my arm around his little frame and said "Do you want me to keep you warm?" Don't worry, he laughed.

I got my congressional press credentials officialized and am now allowed to wander the halls of the capitol without being disturbed, almost as if I belong there. I have to say there's something intoxicating about being one of the general hubbub of people pacing in and out and up and down in these halls of power. It's sort of why I came here, really -- in Phoenix there's no such place that can make you feel important.

I'm about to go out with some colleagues for happy hour. I invited a few guys I've taken a shine to but they were "busy," one with a dinner with a Mormon friend, the other with "a thing." I will not be speaking to them again. They are cold, hard men.


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