Monday, November 28, 2005

The Day Ends

I've been here about 72 hours and I keep thinking "that damn sky is still grey." I anticipated a little more excitement about the foul weather, which I don't get much of; I guess I was wrong.

I'll be attending my first symposium tomorrow. No word yet on whether all the editing I had to do today was just a joke thay play on the new guy -- several hours of marking up stuff that sounds NOTHING like the journalism I learned how to write, and my hand started to hurt about as much as my head. (The heat has been turned way up in the building, and occasionally the power goes out to general glee.) Sentences start with "But." Paragraphs start with "And." Cats and dogs living together. Up is down.

I'm heading out to my first bus ride home. Hopefully the sun has gone down so I don't have to stare up at the leaden sky.

Updates on my emerging social life will be forthcoming as needed.


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