Sunday, March 11, 2007

No More YouTube Posts, Eh?

This is my own first foray into direct YouTube linking, and if it's even moderately successful, I would implore everyone (including Nolo) to use this blog as a "best of" board for stuff we should be watching. Boring or average material, obviously, will lead to namecalling and ridicule, not to mention calls to step down from whatever imaginary public post you hold in the Lappland bureaucracy. (Charvakan, for instance, is Minister of Produce, and he'll think twice before he gives up that plum little assignment.)
The link below is from a Bollywood film. The song is very catchy and the whole enterprise is legitimate, I assure you.


Blogger nolo said...

That was fun. It's nice to hear and see someone else's pop culture -- especially when it's bigger (from an overall number of consumers) than our own.

5:55 PM  

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