Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kicking the tires on the new Blogger

Well, I'm sitting here in the office on a Saturday trying to get excited about the project du jour, and it's not working. So I thought I might post a small link farm.

At Talking Points Memo, David Kurtz notices the propensity of gun advocates to eat their own. Quel suprise that folks who think it's sportsmanlike to take out prairie dogs with AR-15s would be a little defensive.

At Lawyers, Guns and Money, Scott Lemieux posts a thoughtful response to Russell Arben Fox's assertion that abortion access is (a) mostly a middle-class issue and (b) erodes the integrity of the social fabric. At Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte posits that abortion is a moral good, spawning a predictably lively debate in the comments.

Also at Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte gives her final comment on her short, fractious tour of duty with the Edwards campaign. On a related note, at TPMCafe, Katha Pollitt shares her thoughts on the compatibility of blog-style punditry and the political trail in a column titled "Your Blog Will Come Back to Haunt You."

And finally, the boys at Sadly, No! discuss the conservative case for unicorns.



Blogger Kevin said...

I bounced over here from your comment at Tbogg. May I take exception to your comment "Quel suprise that folks who think it's sportsmanlike to take out prairie dogs with AR-15s would be a little defensive."? As I said at Tbogg's piece, "The sheer ignorance exhibited by most of you in this comment thread is staggering."

It is. But ignorance is merely lack of knowledge, and thus can be overcome - usually relatively simply.

This is an AR15 rifle, one unsuitable for hunting prairie dogs and other "varmints." It is chambered in the .223 Remington caliber, though, which is a round highly prized by many bolt-action varmint hunters for its excellent accuracy potential and light recoil.

This is also an AR15 rifle - one specifically designed for varmint hunting. Same cartridge. Same receiver. Works exactly like this much more powerful deer rifle.

What's "unsportsmanlike" about hunting prairie dogs with an accurate semi-automatic rifle that's not "unsportsmanlike" about hunting a deer with a semi-automatic rifle?

See? Ignorance. Now you're not ignorant any more.

3:38 PM  
Blogger charvakan said...

Who gives a rat's bullet-riddled ass which gun is best for what? The point is that a guy who formerly was well regarded in the hunter and gun fetishist communities was turned on and reviled for expressing his opinion about the appropriateness of a certain type of gun for a certain use. They're fanatics acting like fanatics.

To answer your rhetorical question, there's almost nothing "sportsmanlike" about hunting, period. As Dan Blocker once said, "If the deer had guns too, then it would be a sport." I really have no problem with your killing wildlife--as far as I'm concerned, deer are vermin. But don't delude yourself that puncturing animals from a distance is a sport.

8:00 AM  

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