Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Welfare Reform Debate: Never Settled, But Evidence is Coming In

And it's not terrifically good news. People are "off the welfare rolls" in that direct cash outlays are down, but more people are on Medicaid and food stamps to make up for that and it's especially difficult for people coming off welfare to receive education and job training after last year's re-overhaul of the laws. At the bottom, the story notes that things have gotten worse "since the beginning of the decade," in a perhaps too decorous nod to the fact that the Bush administration doesn't care about poor people.


Blogger nolo said...

If you combine that with the apparent fact that there are more severely impoverished people, and they are taking advantage of programs like food stamps and Medicaid in smaller ratios than before, and I'd say we're looking at a very ugly picture.

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