Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Remember, remember

I first read Alan Moore's riveting "V for Vendetta" back in the '80s. The original serial issues were passed on to me in a shoebox by a college friend who was a geek for both lefty politics and comic books, and in the days of the Reagan "revolution" it was like reading a secret message telling us that the resistance was alive.

Anyway, I've been waiting with guarded hope for the film version. Guarded mostly because the Wachowskis are such quirky creatures, and because Alan Moore's stuff's been f*cked up before (the film version of "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" should be classified as a torture device and banned), but with hope nonetheless. And if James Wolcott's a reliable barometer, my hope is not in vain. Here's a link to his reflections following a recent screening. I pass it on in hopes of whetting appetites.


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