Monday, January 30, 2006

So... All-Night Drinking? Really Awesome!

An online comrade who won't be named -- although she is a vice president with the American Federation of Teachers and belongs to the warm, tightly knit Turn Left political community -- popped into town last weekend and managed to wangle her way into a long evening at the Siple house followed by dinner at the third-fanciest Thai restaurant in the neighborhood and some uncourtly drunkenness. I promised I wouldn't tell this story, but I figger as long as I don't name names my promises are understood to be empty anyway.

Actually there isn't much of a story (or "anecdote" -- please see my opinion on those unpleasant turds of conversation) except for the time when we all got into a heated contretemps about why men are doing worse in school than women these days. Considering her job we all felt a little unqualified to be speaking about education policy, although I have to say my theory about sea monkeys backed itself up nicely when the time came. Bottom line: guys aren't under pressure to be smart. Especially if you live in D.C., where guys are under pressure to have frosted highlights and wear as many leather wristbands as possible while juuuuuust keeping the ladies wondering whether you're gay. The longer you have them guessing, the more marriageable you are, sort of like Mr. Bingley's five thousand a year except it wouldn't make for such good literature.

The other part is I had been trying to get rid of most of a bottle of Irish whiskey blended with about 30 percent Scotch for a smooth flavor I couldn't possibly drink all of myself. The short version is that if I have to get rid of booze, I know where to take it. Between that and the fancy Spanish cheese and crackers, we were in quite a state come dinner time.

Work has been kind of incredible this week. I felt sort of a rush coming on, but nothing like seven stories in one issue. My record is three. And I'd thought that was tough. If everything comes together the way it should... seven. Easy. I think that would be a company record. They will be on issues as diverse as Boeing polluting in California, the Department of Energy polluting in New Mexico and California, the Army expanding into an endangered tortoise habitat (also in California, which will be particularly hard hit by my coverage this week), the Army possibly spilling unhealthy tungsten into groundwater in Massachusetts... I could go on. A lot of polluting, is the gist of it. I just saved you $615 a year and a lot of trouble because now you don't have to subscribe.

Feel free to put your own comments here in my sometimes protracted absence.


Anonymous MikeSwanson said...

So who reads your journal? Does Donald Rumsfeld get a copy? Speaking of Donald Rumsfeld, It seems as though in 2 hours, the president is gonna give us and the legislature his interpretation of how the United States is doing. I predict Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Terrah, Terrah, Terrah. Here's the bet--$20 sez he doesn't mention Exxon Mobil's profits at all...

7:12 PM  

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