Monday, January 09, 2006

Beer Pong and Legitimate Theatre

...are among the activities that cheer one up after a dubious start to the new year.

I'm due at the bus any minute now, so I'll probably have to make this brief, but I want to make sure the world isn't wringing its hands in worry over me because things have taken a turn for the better. My New Year's Day was a big success, thanks to Chris and his family taking me in and playing drinking games in celebration of the big birthday boy. (Except with champagne instead of beer -- you really must try it sometime, as you tend to become rather drunk and silly.) A tip of the hat to Chris' daughter for being a good sport when I forgot to aim, as I didn't quite live up to my billing as "the best shooter on Earth."

I went to a gay bar in Crystal City on non-consecutive occasions last week and wowed the assemblage with my patented "Karaoke Delights" routine: Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh, Stayin' Alive, The Star-Spangled Banner (duet) -- I believe in that order, actually. Don't worry, I had company, although it definitely looked like we were on a date. On Friday we were *wink* a 'threesome' and I played this hilarious game with the waitress where she had to guess which one of the three of us was the gay. She guessed wrong, and that's all I'm saying.

On Saturday I saw Neil LaBute's Fat Pig at the U Street theater the name of which escapes me. It might have been on 14th, near U Street -- I don't know my way around that part of town yet. Then my squire and I found a travel bookstore and I got Ivan Klima's The Spirit of Prague, which is great, although I'm honor-bound to finish Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan that I borrowed from a friend first. Boo hoo.


Anonymous Mikeswanson said...

So you moved to Washington D.C
to drink, sing Karaoke in gay bars, read and write. You can do all that here. Am I to understand that your friend's daughter was at your drunken birthday party?

7:04 PM  

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