Tuesday, December 13, 2005

High Times at the National Gallery

After my episode, J took me to a greasy spoon and then had to get back to law school, so I walked myself to a fine neighborhood bookstore and bought a signed copy of a Claire Messud novel. (Look her up. Especially who she's married to.) Then I mosied, which is not too strong a word, all the way to the National Art Gallery, where I enjoyed the fine collection of old illuminated manuscripts -- a traveling exhibit, or at least temporary -- and the rest of their offering, which is truly the national offering. Eventually I went to Chris' house for dinner and watched "The Third Man." Normally I'd expound on the meaning of all this a bit more, but I'm writing from work and there's something unsettling about doing anything here. When my Christmas laptop arrives I will be in better form.


Anonymous MikeSwanson said...

Well the only thing I could find on Claire Messud was that she got thrown out of Radcliffe for tagging the admin building. Then I found out this wasn't true, dam internet sources.
Not the "Vice President of Torture..." So why did he seek an exemption from the Senate ban on torture for the CIA to help prosecute the war on terror? And since when is "Extrordinary Rendition" not abduction and interrogation? I'm glad that Tim Russert really plays hardball with his guests.

9:19 PM  

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