Sunday, December 18, 2005

And He Was Enjoying Such a Fine Cognac on The Beach

I wrote earlier in the life of this blog about the Milosevic trial ongoing at The Hague. Somewhere in there I mentioned the sinister figure of Ante Gotovina, hero to the bloodthirsty millions of Croats who wanted to see their neighbors' heads on a collective pig pole. The good General is "suspected" of leading an illegal ethnic cleansing operation during the Yugoslav breakup -- doing his dirty work under cover of the fog of war, or so he thought. Well, last week he was caught lounging around the Canary Islands and is now going to answer a few questions for the authorities. This has boosted morale at Interpol and hopes are running high that nailing Karadzic and Mladic, who I labeled as "the Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri of Balkan fugitives," could be soon to follow. Read the article.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you should know that there are 4,2 mln croatian citizens of which around 80% of them are Croats which gives 3,28 mln Croats in total.

"Bloodthirsty milions" is something that only stupid man without any common knowledge of recent war history in Croatia could wrote.

"...who wanted to see their neighbours heads..." - to wrote something like this about one nation, proudly stating what kind of animals Croats are is more than stupid, I could just feel sorry for you.
"...the god General is "suspected" of leading an illegal ethnic cleansing operation during the Yugoslav breakup..." - he is really suspected but not guilty until proven, even you should know that.

It was not Yugoslav breakup, it was legitimate showing of will of one nation to free itself from comunist totalitar regime that was surpressing any mode of freedom including freedom of thougt.

Not war in Croatia but real people with their names are responsible for what they did to my homeland. They took many lives, many lives of my friends, young people, women, children, they took 10 years of life from those who survived and they still carry that guilt.
Trying to show croatian guilt for defending itself is far away from any truth.

War, as it always is, is the worst thing that can happenn to anybody, it kills any human value, making man to become an animal, trying to survive on any posible way.

Please, don't say that victim and agressor are the same. Just remember Vukovar & Dubrovnik, you need no more than that and don't let real perpetrators to slip away.

5:32 AM  

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