Sunday, November 20, 2005


I've been on retreat in the mountains these last four days, preparing for Big Things ahead, and I see someone's been a busy bee while I've been away. I'm glad I know people who take the initiative and fill a void when they see one -- I was afraid I'd come back to the old posts, rotting up the place like last week's trash. So a round of applause to the queen of Cleveland's courtrooms.

One piece of information worth nothing is my phenomenal physical stamina, which I verified to myself while up in that ol' log cabin in the spruce. The exercise bug struck me in the dead of night, so I headed outdoors and proceeded to do the following (note all the numbers, as they tell the story here):

60 pushups
200 crunches
10 minutes running in place

all while the thermometer read a balmy 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Think about that before you accuse me of anything in the future. Because it proves I am above suspicion.

On another note, I have enjoyed being away from the news and am now resigned to wading through the back issues, finding out what went wrong while I was away. Or I might just start from scratch. I hope everyone's been using this opportunity to go back and read The Best of Lapplander while I was on holiday. You'll find the action fast and furious in the next few weeks, so get in the classics while you can.


Blogger nolo said...

with respect to your reports of youthful stamina, Lapp, this old geezer can only say, f**k you. And have some artery-clogging stew while you're at it. Other than that, welcome back. Sounds like a great trip.

8:19 PM  

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