Thursday, November 17, 2005

Retiring to a Spot Under The Bridge to Nowhere

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Grumpus) swore on his mother's eyes that he would resign from the Senate if that august body denied millions in funding for two bridges in his home state of Alaska that would connect the rest of the state to approximately -- and I am not kidding -- 200 people. Well, his favorite pork project just got axed. I suppose a grateful nation should tuck him in for his long winter's nap any day now.

Late edit: A sharp-eyed charvakan notes in comments that the money is still being given to Alaska, but the earmarks have been officially deleted to allow everyone to save face. Bottom line: Stevens gets his bridges and Congress gets to say it didn't allow them. Business as usual.


Blogger charvakan said...

According to the Post, all that Congress did was remove the line items. Alaska still gets the maoney, and they can even spend it on the bridges if they want. It was just so they could say they axed the bridges.

5:33 PM  

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