Thursday, November 17, 2005

It Would Not Be Difficult, Mein Fuhrer

Y'know, I've thought about writing some pro-fascist lyrics myself, just to see how threatening and catchy I could be. Laibach, for instance, says they use the principles of fascism to compose their music. While I think the miserably boring product speaks for itself, friends of mine think they're great. Well, move over, Laibach, because The Right Brothers have a new hit single that will knock your socks off. It purports, among other overly ambitious aims, to prove that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam had ties to al-Qaeda.

Titled "Bush Was Right," the song, to which I have listened, includes the lyrics:

Ted Kennedy Wrong
Cindy Sheehan Wrong
France Wrong
Zell Miller Right

They sound something like REM playing "It's The End of the World As We Know It" with some teen angst and a heavy dose of cheap beer thrown in. Keith Olbermann has created a music video to go along with the music. You can't miss the footage of Bashar Assad zipping across the camera or Bush playing a guitar in front of a humongous flag. I assure you, this is no joke. There are such people. They have already pre-accused MTV of not wanting to play their song on Total Request Live for sinister political reasons. This is how Babylon was undone, people. This is the depths of insanity.


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