Wednesday, April 05, 2006

But Again, Trent Lott's Condo on The Beach WILL Be Getting Fixed, Right?

I'm linking to James Wolcott's blog for two reasons. One, this is a thought-provoking (and frankly a little scary) post about the scope of Bush's criminal negligence that you should read, since it goes beyond the sadly familiar stories of woe about Iraq and the economy to focus on the long-term impacts of less oil production and irreversible climate change -- the fact that Bush was elected to a two-term presidency at such a crucial point in the world's history may well go down as one of God's cruelest jokes.

Two, James Wolcott is a terrifically funny writer, and you should make a point of cruising his site more often. He typically writes for Vanity Fair these days but got his start at the Village Voice and likes to keep it real.


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