Monday, November 21, 2005

We Are In Full 'Big Brother' Mode

A report found by Rolling Stone, of all the people to break a story, shows that the Bush Administration has approved lying and spreading false information to increase support for the war. We all sort of knew it was happening, but the proof, like the grinning face of the mad Joker, is now staring right us right in the face. They have been caught with their pants down. We are being lied to. Read on to see how the word "patriotism" plays in the defense of this behavior.

As the war in Iraq has spiraled out of control, the Bush administration’s covert propaganda campaign has intensified. According to a secret Pentagon report personally approved by Rumsfeld in October 2003 and obtained by Rolling Stone, the Strategic Command is authorized to engage in “military deception” — defined as “presenting false information, images or statements.” The seventy-four-page document, titled “Information Operations Roadmap,” also calls for psychological operations to be launched over radio, television, cell phones and “emerging technologies” such as the Internet. In addition to being classified secret, the road map is also stamped noforn, meaning it cannot be shared even with our allies.

As the acknowledged general of such propaganda warfare, Rendon insists that the work he does is for the good of all Americans. “For us, it’s a question of patriotism,” he says. “It’s not a question of politics, and that’s an important distinction. I feel very strongly about that personally. If brave men and women are going to be put in harm’s way, they deserve support.” But in Iraq, American troops and Iraqi civilians were put in harm’s way, in large part, by the false information spread by Rendon and the men he trained in information warfare. And given the rapid growth of what is known as the “security-intelligence complex” in Washington, covert perception managers are likely to play an increasingly influential role in the wars of the future.
If this doesn't get major news coverage, well, you'll know why. Because all the journalists will be replaced with robots. And I've always said we cannot peacefully coexist with robots.


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