Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back in the Pink, And Already Linking to Bad News

My computer had a virus. Now it's gone. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't free, but it did have the effect of making me live for more than a week without a home computer, and I have to say I somehow didn't miss it one bit. I probably would have over the long term, but I went to the gym more often, hung out with my friends more after work and generally even enjoyed my time in my room more than usual by listening to music and writing by hand. Now there's a lost art.

Anyway, foreign policy experts from liberal to conservative have weighed in at their favorite magazine (Foreign Policy) to give their take on the effect our actions are having on the terrorism front. The news: pretty much everything Bush is doing is hurting us big time, including Guantanamo, the war in Iraq, and energy policy (think oil), as well as a few you wouldn't expect. This isn't an ideologically slanted poll (or magazine, for that matter -- I rather like it, although it's a bit dry), so you know they're onto something.
These dark conclusions appear to stem from the experts’ belief that the U.S. national security apparatus is in serious disrepair. “Foreign-policy experts have never been in so much agreement about an administration’s performance abroad,” says Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and an index participant. “The reason is that it’s clear to nearly all that Bush and his team have had a totally unrealistic view of what they can accomplish with military force and threats of force.”


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Welcome back, and thanks for the cheery news ;)

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