Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's The Matter With Being a Republican in Kansas?

You know those sayings like "That'll be the day" or "When pigs fly" or "Over my dead body"? Well, apparently Kansas' number one Republican, the guy who worked like a maniac to see Sam Brownback (R-Leviticus) get elected to the Senate, switched party affiliations today. If you're too crazy a political organization for the whitest-bread political hack in America... well, there's a hard rain coming is all I'll say. A quote:
Republican House Speaker Doug Mays said he was disgusted by Parkinson's lack of loyalty to the party that made him chairman, but he isn't surprised by the rift.
Far be it for me to butt in, but let me just say that when your state party web site has the headline "Democrat Ethics Breakdown" on the front page and your "About the Party" link makes two mentions of freeing the slaves as the party's vision for America, you're a little more out of touch than you're ready to hear.


Blogger nolo said...

"R-Leviticus." That's beautiful.

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