Monday, November 14, 2005

When The Man Won't Let You Vote

But also when the man in this case is black. (Or "Brown." Read the article. You'll get it.)

Briefly, the political machine in Noxubee County, Mississippi is run by the Democrats, and blacks outnumber whites 2 to 1. People have been accusing local boss Ike B---n of telling everyone who to vote for, fiddling with mail-in votes, recruiting carpetbagger candidates and other slanderous* charges.

A bit of perspective is necessary: the NAACP has been alleging voter fraud and intimidation against blacks for a long time without much in the way of Justice Dept. cooperation. Some eyebrows are being raised at the way this case has been treated differently. Read the article. Also, here's a copy of the legal complaint.

* - They are slanderous only if untrue. But they are probably true.


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