Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Writing A Book

As many of you know, I've finished a draft of the first four chapters of the novel I'm working on while I'm unemployed. (Don't feel bad if you didn't know -- I don't keep in personal contact with everyone as much as I'd like, and at first I even forgot to send a copy to Mom.) This is going really well, but writing feels a lot like sitting on your ass even if in the long run you're being "productive," and it can be hard to convince myself to continue before I've gotten things more settled in the immediate term. Nevertheless my confidence in the value of artistic genius is stronger than my fear.

I'm about to head out for another smackdown with the Muse at this place I like where they let you sit on the couches and listen to music all day. Sort of like home, but without a TV or anything to distract you. If you've ever thought about writing a novel or a short story or anything creative, you should really try it. It's fun once you get the hang of having a story already in place before you get going. This has always been my problem before -- 50 pages in and then, uh oh, what's supposed to happen? I never really knew. Now I know. This is why I am going to be a millionaire and everyone will read my book on the beach next summer. You wait and see.


Blogger Mike Swanson said...

You're writing a summer beach book, huh? o_0
I hope it's better than your last project about that kid growing up in California in the 60s who plays baseball with the neighborhood kids and struggles with his precocious sexuality, broken and isolating family structure, domineering stepfather, and early onset of Asperger syndrome. And then it turned out to be just "The Sandlot." Bad luck there, I recommend that you forget this whole novel writing business and read and post on my blog, you might find something of interest before I deep six it with unstructured ranting.

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