Monday, November 07, 2005

Racists: Getting Better at Infiltration Every Day

I found this link at alicublog and have nothing academically interesting to add, except to say that when I was at university the worst racists were the student newspaper columnists.

"Following the November elections, David Brooks used his column (12/7/04) to celebrate something he called the ''natalist'' movement. Natalists, said Brooks, defy Western trends toward declining birth rates by having lots of children and leaving behind the ''disorder, vulgarity and danger'' of cities to move to ''clean, orderly'' suburban and exurban settings where they can ''protect their children from bad influences.'' According to Brooks, natalists are more churchgoing and conservative than their less wholesome neighbors in more liberal urban areas, and are an increasingly important political force."

It seems like just one more depressing article until you start to actually read it. It's surprising, and sort of interesting in a quirky way, to see just how racism functions in the media, and how conservatives are totally oblivious to its manifestations.


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